W Hollywood Rooftop Wedding

March 26, 2019

Joey & Enzo decided to celebrate their love with family and close friends at their W Hollywood rooftop wedding. Getting ready together at the hotel beforehand, the two grooms and their wedding party enjoyed some champagne and plenty of laughs.



Stylish & Elegant

When I first got to their hotel room, Enzo had a small request for me: that I would shoot more editorially when it came to their romantics and wedding party portraits. It was music to my ears, considering I love all things fashion. The entire wedding party channeled their inner Vampire Diaries and we got some killer portraits.



Hand-Fasting: Tying the Knot

The ceremony was an intimate affair, the wedding party and guests surrounding them as they exchanged vows. Their officiant had personally crafted a rainbow-colored braid that she clasped around their hands. Enzo was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, which is why this Celtic tradition was a beautiful component of their ceremony.



Dancing the Night Away

Following the ceremony and some more romantics (on the helipad!), it was on to the reception. It was a fantastic party with confetti, plenty of wine, and lots of dancing. I was so honored to have been part of such an incredible celebration of love!



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