Coronado Community Center Wedding

February 19, 2014

Will was returning from an overseas mission trip some years ago, and needed a place to stay for a couple nights before heading down to San Diego. We had a spare bedroom, so we were glad to host him. The last night that Will stayed with us, he and I bonded over some whisky and cigars. He was getting ready to propose to Marion and it was very evident how much he loved her. Both of these creative souls were bound to have a gorgeous wedding, and the photographs we captured reflect that.

They got married at the Coronado Community Center on January 17th, 2014, and the venue, combined with their artistic vision made for an excellent backdrop. The full moon didn’t hurt either. Their creativity and their passion is at the core of these two wonderful people, and we’re so glad we were there, not only as documentarians, but also as a participants in the beginning of their journey as one. It’s one thing that blesses us at every wedding we photograph, and keeps us motivated to keep doing what we love.




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