Sensual Boudoir Session in Black & White

October 1, 2016

Brooke had expressed interest in shooting a sensual boudoir session for her own portfolio. She had some lingerie from Victoria’s Secret she wanted to use, so I put together a Pinterest moodboard for it.

I hadn’t planned to have these images exclusively in black and white initially. In fact, I even edited some in color after the session. But when I converted one of them into monochrome, I knew I had to do the same with the rest.

The entire shoot was done with natural light, which cascaded through the windows beautifully. To make sure I was getting the contrast I wanted, I guided Brooke’s posing rather particularly. I even used shutters to angle the lighting, and sheer curtains to diffuse it.

All in all, these images turned out moody as hell and we both loved the final product!

Model: Brooke
Makeup & Hair: Montana Green

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