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Estancia La Jolla Wedding Seminar

Last Tuesday, the San Diego Association of Bridal Consultants held a wedding seminar at the Estancia La Holla Hotel & Spa. The property is beyond gorgeous, combining the traditional mission look a... Continue Reading

Review: Vinta Camera Bags

After seeing their advertising on social media, I ordered myself one of the new Vinta camera bags. The concept looked fascinating and I wanted something a bit more stylish than what I was using. After... Continue Reading

Vendor Networking Party

Vendor Networking Party 2015 As we have continued building relationships with wedding professionals in Orange County, we have found that a lot of us share the same vision. And with that in mind, we put together our very first ven... Continue Reading

Preparing for Your Engagement Session

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Everyone's excited for the big day and cannot wait to hear about your proposal story, your wedding day, and all the details that go along with that. But more... Continue Reading

Wedding Day Bridal Brunch

Wedding Day Bridal Brunch It usually starts as a young child sneaking into the room with your sister or girlfriends sifting through your grandmother's closet of vintage jackets and dresses, trotting around in high heels five s... Continue Reading

Wedding Day Preparations

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller Any bride will tell you that getting ready was half the fun of thei... Continue Reading

A Guide to Orange County Wedding Professionals

Partnerships Galore: A Handy Guide to Orange County Wedding Professionals We knew it was love at first sight. Our visions mirrored each other’s, our talents complemented each other, our goals lined up, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. In our first sit-down me... Continue Reading

Our Vendor Network Bridal Room

Our Vendor Network Bridal Room: A Sneak Peak We have been secretly working away on a meeting place for our couples. Our wonderful partners, The Dizzy Daisy, have had an upstairs meeting room where they meet potential clients. Having spoken with ... Continue Reading