In-Home Newborn Session

September 22, 2016

I photographed Baby C’s newborn session in the warmth and comfort of Krysten and Brenton’s home in Lake Forest. Usually newborn sessions take place at 4-10 day mark after the baby is born, but due to some scheduling issues, the session happened at the two week mark. A few days may not seem like a big deal, but babies tend to be far more amenable in the time frame I mentioned above.

And that posed some challenges for us. Instead of soundly sleeping after the feeding, Baby C was in no mood to lie still. Operating quickly in the couple minutes of sleep, I managed to capture the look and feel Brenton had conveyed to me. Some of my favorite images from the session were the candids where mom and dad were trying to calm Baby C down. The black and white image above is especially precious.

Once Baby C finally fell asleep, we moved on to the more involved set where we staged the books and the beers (which turned out to be a thank you gift for me!). Those were some fun shots to capture. We wrapped up by getting some more posed photos of Baby C with the parents, which went rather smoothly.

If you’d like to book a newborn session after the holidays, contact me with your due date. And keep in mind that 4-10 days after the birth will be the ideal time to get the photos done with relative ease!


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