The Value of Production


Each creative you commission has a role to play in making your big day come together. Many newer and mid-term wedding creatives, however, have limited to no background in production that can lead to disruptions in your wedding-day experience. This is one of the biggest reasons why I exclusively work with couples who have a wedding planner on board. Additionally, having worked in corporate and commercial environments, I recognize and respect the value a planner / coordinator bring to your wedding.


When I first started working as a photographer, I started out on the commercial side of things. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with ad agencies, art directors, and creative directors on all types of projects. One of my biggest takeaways from that experience has been to ask for and understanding the parameters of each project and client.

This is why I don’t photograph any two weddings the same. Each couple has their own unique style and aesthetic. Not only that, they have their own values and beliefs that play into their wedding day. These factors drastically influence what they value in their wedding photos. So instead of using a repeatable formula, I build a relationship with the couple that continues past their wedding day and into their legacies.


Working with a full team and collaborating
– planners are crucial to flow of the day
– photo and video working in tandem rather than competing


It sounds odd for a wedding photographer to say this, but most couples overbook their photographers. On average, from the start of your ceremony to the end of your reception accounts for five to six hours altogether. There are exceptions to that rule, of course. If long periods of time are required to travel between multiple venues, for example, you’re looking at seven to eight hours. Likewise, if you’re planning on a first look, that will add at least 90 minutes to the coverage needed.

For the most part, though, five hours of coverage is plenty for most couples. This is why my collections start there. I arrive up to an hour before the start time, though, so those five hours are exclusively meant for photography, not set-up and breakdown. Similarly, for eight hours of coverage and up, I stay at the venue/nearby hotel the night before so that I’m available to my couples as needed. I build all of that into my collections for peace of mind.